Pillow talk: night time secrets for beautiful skin

Women overestimate their skin's resistance.

They tend to use products that are too harsh and dry the skin.

Night time Secrets for beautiful skin.

Night time Secrets for beautiful skin.

Evening skin care routine

This first step to have healthy skin is, not only to cleanse the skin surface of make-up residue from the day, but also to remove dead skin.

Top tip: Never sleep with makeup and products containing chemical agents such as sunscreens. You should also take as much care of the skin on your neck as you do your face in order to keep consistency between the face and the neck.


cleansers are used to rid your face of dirt, oil, pollution etc.

Your cleanser should dissolve away excess oil, makeup and the daily build up of grime from your face

Massage onto face and neck, Rinsing off with warm water.


The role of a face wash in your night time cleansing regime is to remove deeper

seated debris – this all takes place thanks to its foaming action. If you're wearing a lot of makeup, or have been exposed to a lot of dust and pollution, always use a cleanser first, before using a face wash. Gently massage over entire face and be sure to rinse well.


Applied with a cotton pad, toning lotion

removes the last impurities that might remain on the skin, leaving it perfectly clean.

The toning lotion gently "wakes up", tones, reduce oiliness and help to refine pores as well as smoothing skin's texture.


You’ve heard that it is important to use a good moisturizer at night.


During the night,our bodies lose a lot of water and automatically goes into “repair mode,”, so using a good moisturizer will ensure that your skin remain well hydrated.

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