Supercharge your Morning Skincare Routine

Beautiful skin starts first with a clean skin.

Skin cleansing is the first and most essential step in your morning skincare regime.

Try to find wash products that are suitable for your skin type i.e normal, oily, sensitive, dry or combination skin.

It is not always clear how well to achieve this essential

step in cleaning the face, here are my tips:

Your facial wash should have a neutral PH.

"You should wash your face twice a day. Once in the morning on waking to remove dirt and bacteria that accumulate on your face during sleep, and then in the evening to remove your makeup and impurities harvested throughout the day.


Morning routine

Step 1: Skin cleansing

Place a small amount of facial wash in your Palm, with your fingers, a brush or a Konjack sponge, gently rub the facial wash on your face.

Make sure to cover all parts - Chin, forehead, nose, cheeks and neck. Massage your face with soft circular movements for a minute.

Remember: never remove cleanser immediately after applying it - let it penetrate your skin for a few minutes (it usually takes a minute or two).

Since residue may dry the skin and block the pores. Rinse your face with water repeatedly until the cleanser is completely rinsed.

Gently wipe your face with a clean towel.


Step 2: Tone your skin.

Tonic lotions remove all traces of makeup, dirt and oil that your cleanser could not reach. They also help to close pores, remove oil, firm and refine the skin, They are also great for balancing your skin’s PH levels and help to prepare the skin for the moisturising stage.


Step 3: Apply your moisturising face cream

Hydration is crucial if you want to have beautiful skin! Moisturising the skin helps to regenerate the epidermis and restore the skin's moisture balance. Your moisturiser works with the superficial layer of the skin called the stratum corneum, forming a film to protect your skin against external aggressions.

Darker complexions can appear ashy and dry when not properly moisturised.

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