Founder: Crystal Kassi

Crystal graduated as a makeup artist from the Ecole Privee International d’Esthetique Et Visagism Jean D’Estree in 1987. In a remarkably short time she established herself as a makeup artist who exhibited natural talent and professionalism and who instinctively understood the needs of her clients.

Because of this she was soon noticed by some of the foremost fashion photographers in Europe and some of the greatest names within the fashion industry vied for my services. Her distinguished clients included Christian Dior, C&A, Nivea, Paris Match, Ford Motors, Danone, L’Oreal, Clarins, Schwarzkoft, Elle and Marie-Claire. This very impressive list clearly illustrates how much my professionalism and skills were recognised by the industry. The list of celebrities and models and other dignitaries from the entertainment industry who used her services included Tyra Banks, Angie Le Mar, Chrystal Rose (Black Business Woman of the year), Myriam Makeba (autobiography front cover), Two Unlimited (CD cover), Fabienne Turwenghe (Clarins), Donnaes (C&A), Mark Vanderloo (C&A), Kim Debut (Punto Linea), Marcus Schenkenberg (Jackie’O).

In 1992, she had to make some important decisionsregarding which direction she should take in her professional career. Eventually she decided to move to London with her entire family and worked as a beauty therapist. Success continue to follow her and today she is the CEO of Christal cosmetics.

Some details about Christal cosmetics

"Any makeup artist who are continually working on facial skin of her clients will eventually develop a healthy interest in dermatology and herein I was no exception. This also led to an additional concern and that was whether the products which I was using on a daily basis were indeed completely safe to be used on my clients. It was my black clientele that I especially focused on and this led me to do many courses especially relating to better skincare and finding more adequate moisturising products. I also experimented with many of my own products and eventually this experimentation evolved into a full-fledged cosmetic range and this is how Christal cosmetic products was established".

Christal cosmetics is definitely a rising star within the specialised ethnic cosmetic care industry even more so because each and every product comes from a woman who has decades of experience in treating black skin and has a deep understanding the need to use high quality moisturising creams. Therefore it does not come as a surprise that the sales of Christal cosmetics are continually increasing and is becoming more and more popular among consumers which is really a fitting testament to the unceasing dedication of Crystal and her team.

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