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Mini Facials - ( Express mini-facial + mask and extraction)      £25.00

 We understand that time is of the essence, so we've created a range of facials that takes just 30 minutes.  And while the treatment time may be condensed, you will get the benefits of a full facial.


The perfect treatment to gently reach deep down into your pores, allowing you to start fresh and maintain your beautiful skin 




Ultra Sonic Scrub exfoliating treatment - dark mark buster        £45.00


Deep clean, remove blemishes,dark marks, aged surface skin, and diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Ultrasonic technology's assortment of powerful benefits also includes allowing creams and solutions to penetrate more deeply by turning liquids into vapors that the skin can absorb more readily.


Galvanic desincrustration - for deep cleansing                          £55.00


Benefits and effects of Desincrustation:

-Opens the pores and aids decongesting. Removes surface oil and dissolves sebum, for a deep cleansing effect.

-Improves circulation and skin colour. Soften and moisten the tissues.

Benefits and Effects of Iontophoresis:

-Introduces water soluble substances into the skin for a specific purpose.

-Can be used on all skin types depending on the active ingredients of the products used e.g. to hydrate, moisturise and regenerate


High Frequency - For acne and ageing skin.                           £55.00


Direct high frequency produces ozone which has an antibacterial effect for congested or acne prone skin. Indirect high frequency creates a warming effect to stimulate circulation and penetrate products.




Super Men treatment


Facial with steam and extraction                                       £25.00

Razor Bump Special                                                           £70.00


Ageloc Technology

  • Hair recovery  per treatment                                          £25.00

  • Firming arms  spa treatment                                        £30.00

  • Cellulite upper  legs or buttocks                                   £35.00

  • Galvanic Tummy tuck                                                 £30.00

Nu Skin courses of treatment.

Buy 6 get 1 free .....

Nu Skin Galvanic Spa Machine are available to purchase for home use.


Medical Facials 

  • Super beauty - nonsurgical Facelift                                £  45.00

    • Lactic Acid  peel                                                   £  60.00

Green Herb Skin Peel is designed to accelerate the skin's natural exfoliation function. Thus shedding off the skins dull, hard and leathery outer top layer called the ‘Stratum Corneum'. When this outer layer is shed, it reveals new skin that glows!